Our Philosophy

Home Sweet Home Children's School believes that every child is gifted in his/her own unique way.  We believe that instilling the desire and passion for learning in young children is a critical first step in ensuring that they develop as successful and confident individuals, become contributing members of society, and thrive in whatever future endeavors they hold.  We value the importance of hands-on learning experiences, and encourage students to hypothesize, explore, and form their own conclusions through these experiences.  We cherish the idea that every person is a life-long learner, and therefore, children should not be afraid to experiment, make mistakes, and grow from them. 

We work and strive to develop collaborative relationships with parents, families, and caregivers in order to support the needs of each child, while making it our goal to ensure that each of our children graduates with confidence and independence.  We cherish diversity within our school and welcome families from all backgrounds and experiences.